A Most Peculiar Game

The Multiverse is under siege. As it has been since time immemorial.

On the very edge of existence, demons plot invasions and scheme to infiltrate the many worlds to destroy or corrupt them in order to bring more souls into the Abyss to fuel the Host of Damnation. Thankfully however, it seems that not all is lost and there is still hope for all Creation in the Shining City, an ancient and impossibly vast metropolis possibly created by the Threefold God. For it is within the mighty walls of the Shining City that humans who are on the threshold of childhood and maturity can choose to bond with the ethereal Otherfolk who can transform into powerful weapons.

For indeed it is the pact between Wielder and Tutelary, the deep bond between a human and Otherfolk, that has kept the forces of the Abyss at bay for eons. It is against the walls of the Shining City that the Tides of the Abyss have been broken time and time again and it is through the courage and vigilance of those within it that demons have yet to gain a significant foothold in existence.

However, the Multiverse remains imperiled, for not even the inhabitants of the Shining City are free from the taint of the Abyss and their enemies are many, both demonic and mortal. So existence may yet fall before the demon hordes waiting at the borders of reality should the inhabitants of the Shining City falter in their duties.

And so begins yet another tale of Wielders and Tutelaries. Of a time when the fabric of reality was threatened by the Host of the Abyss and the foundations of the Shining City trembled. A time of heroes and legends…


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